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Results of the working meeting of the third session "Construction and repair of wells in 2016"

wells conference Anapa

On September 22, the 3rd session of the working meetings of the conference "Construction and repair of wells - 2016" took place. Presentations were made by delegates from AKROS (S.V. Popov), LLC Packer Service (S.Y. Boronin), ChelPipe (A.E. Antoshchenkov), Pro-Bezopasnost (D.P. Budakvenko) and others.

The most active participant of the 3rd working session was Oksana Ivanovna Valineva, Head of the Laboratory of Drilling and Cement Solutions of BashNIPIneft.

One of the key events of the third day of the conference was a round table on the topic "Import substitution in the oil and gas industry. Reality and Perspectives", moderators: Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Stroganov (General Director of Nitpo Company) and Sergey Ilyich Shchipakov (Production Development Manager, Schlumberger Technology Company). Vladimir Kalinin (First Deputy General Director of VolgogradNIPIneft), Irina Olegovna Donskaya (Regional sales manager Ashland Eastern Markets LLC), Damir Razvilevich Nagimov (Technical Director of Carbocam Company), Sergei Viktorovich Popov (Head of Technological Service of AKROS LLC), Valery Petrovich Palchunov (CEO of Modem Ltd.) and other participants took an active part in the discussion of this very topical issue for the domestic oil and gas industry.