The ways of providing the above services with the aim of implementing software solutions based on ready-made software products are:

  • Integrated automation of the end-to-end technological cycle, including automation of such basic functions (business processes) of production management as: planning, accounting, control, analysis and regulation;
  • Maximum coverage by automation of the organizational structure of the automation object;
  • Realization of a full range of functional tasks in the workplaces of specialists;
  • Adaptation of the system parameters to the technical, technological and organizational conditions existing at the Customer;
  • Integration with other legacy software products and systems;
  • Centralized access to documents with a single reporting form for the company's structural divisions and their roles;
  • Electronic coordination and targeted notification within the technological cycle;
  • Multilevel processing of operational and accumulated data;
  • Unified system for support of management decisions: indicators of Web-monitoring and analytical Web-reports;
  • Unified information, normative and methodological basis.