Maintenance of software products during the period of its commercial operation

Service description

Maintenance of the qualitative functioning of the software throughout the entire period of operation.

Types of work for accompaniment are:

  • Support for the functioning of the software product during operation in case of failures, main reasons of which may be:
    • hidden software defects, errors and inconsistencies (their elimination may reqiure corrective changes both to the program itseft and to data security control procedures to increase the level of database security);
    • incorrect data, failures and malfunctions of a set of technical means, violations of operation regulations, software viruses. Failures of the program for these reasons, as a rule, require the work with the database to analyze, correct, update, restore, and sometimes rebuild its structure in order to ensure its safety and efficiency of use.
  • Conducting consultations for users to assist them, both in matters related to the program functioning, and in specifics of program operating in a specific situation. Consultations can be conducted in the hotline mode or with the visit to the automation object. Their effective implementation requires from specialists practical knowledge both on the program functioning in various situations, and knowledge of its implementation, including knowledge of algorithms and techniques, programming systems used by the DBMS, etc.
  • Modification of the program, due to the need to adapt it to changing conditions, to develop and improve its functional and operational characteristics, maintain performance indicators and complexity at the proper level. Modification is performed provided that the integrity of the software product and its ability to satisfy the user's requirements throughout the life of the product are maintained.